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We have the capability to integrate to any web service in order to fetch and push your leads
Integrations to the majority of website aggregators allow us to post your stock to the web and get your leads into a sales process
There is a reporting structure in place to report on every lead.
Our Call Centre module will be scalable to suite different ways to get your leads qualified and contacted in the shortest amount of time


A full reporting suite awaits every user... on every level of the company.
All enquiries are captured by salespeople. The sales manager can see what is happening in the dealership, the dealer principal sees even more. At head office level all dealer activity can be viewed per region or even drilled down to an individual salesperson.
The system will capture all the relevant customer details. Salespeople have an intuitive diary that reminds them to always keep in touch with their leads and customers.
Integrations to F&I and DMS software systems creates an easy paperless process in the dealerships. Benefits are pre-populated CPA doc packs, and updated information from the F&I on all customer details.
Above all, the cleanest data is sent to the DMS for invoicing.
Want a golden record of your customer? We provide you with one record of each customer that will enable you to do proper CRM


A full CRM module is standard for every dealer that uses EGMSA/autoHUB LMS.
With mail and SMS merge capabilities sending personalized communications to customers has never been easier.
Email reporting: see who opened your mail campaign, click throughs, forwards and unsubscribes.
Automated communications are key to successful CRM. Triggers can be set to send out automated personalized communications.
Our LMS is fully compliant with the data protection act. Each customer record entered in the system is stored with his/her contact preferences. Unsubscribe options accompany every SMS and email and updates the customer’s preference in real time.
We can help you in the design process of sending out targeted marketing campaigns designed specifically for your business


One of the biggest problems OEMs and Groups are faced with is the fact that some of their dealers are already making use of a lead / dealer management solution or are required to do so
The cons of having all these different systems are too long to list...and because of autoHUB we don’t have to.
Via autoHUB web service any system can send activity data. The end result is that central reporting can be done as if all the dealers are on one system.
Leads can be distributed to any system. Real-time feedback is given on all leads regardless of the system being used.
autoHUB provides the perfect platform for any department to push or pull data. Whether we want to do a marketing campaign for sales, aftersales, finance or all of them... all the data from the different system will be in one place.
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